Wednesday September 2, 2020

7.00 to 8.00 (or the conclusion of any discussion generated)

‘Church Hall’ 73 Salerno Street, Surfers Paradise (Isle of Capri)

Recommend a 6.50 enrollment to satisfy Covid-19 requirements


ALPHA is a non-denominational course on the life of a man called JESUS.

This man who walked the earth over 2000 years ago has excited controversy, comment, and criticism from many sources and in many ways.

This man, who would not go away, spoke on how to get the most from life and love.   He also claimed to be GOD, a claim that has been the subject of discussion and controversy ever since.


With an ocean of evidence on the man most written about, ALPHA provides a way to navigate that ocean.

Come, consider the evidence, and make an informed decision.


We look forward to meeting you.